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Sell Diamonds NYC

When selling diamonds in NYC you want to be at ease. Our trained staff are all licensed by New York State and have gone through GIA certified training. Our Manhattan Office gladly serves the public from Monday thru Saturday from 10am till 6pm. You can call to make an appointment, or just walk in. We hope to see you soon!

Diamond Buyers NYC

Looking for diamond buyers in nyc should be a easy choice, nyc jewelry buyers has been specializing in purchasing diamonds of all carats and all sizes. There is no diamond size we don’t buy. In fact we are paying top dollar for all cuts, whether you are selling a round diamond, pear diamond, Asher diamond, princess cut diamond, or melenee diamond be confident that we will pay the highest. Please visit our convenient midtown manhattan location 37w 47 st suite 803. Our certified jewelry buyers are accredited by GIA and offer fast professional service which will surely have you coming back again.

How much will you get for your diamond?

That’s a great question, and one that is asked of our team members all the time. Unfortunately it’s tough to give you a precise answer on a webpage when we haven’t even seen what you have to offer! There are a number of variables that go into the price that you will receive for your diamond. We look at the four C’s, color, cut, clarity, and carat size. We will give you an honest, fair assessment for your diamond to ensure that you get a great price. Again, we’re one of the best diamond buyers in New York, and we’ll work hard to ensure you get the highest price.

What to look out for when selling a diamond in NYC?

1. When selling a diamond be sure to notice if the buyer is using a licensed scale which accurately displays the diamond size.

2. Make sure that the buyer has a second hand dealer license which allows the purchase of jewelry and other valuables.

3. Lastly know what your diamond is worth, it’s best to shop around before settling with an offer.

4. NYC Jewelry Buyers recommends you bring any papers you have from your diamond purchase which will help with the sale.

NYC Jewelry Buyers Also Buys Other Precious Metals!

Do you own other pieces of precious metals, such gold, silver, platinum or coins? We buy those as well! Yes – you can finally get rid of that jewelry box full of precious items that you never use or wear anymore, freeing up that money to be put to better use. Whether it’s bill payments or financial investments, selling your other precious metals can help you realize a profit on those pieces you bought or were given long ago. Many individuals have no idea how much spare money is laying on their dresser or in a drawer somewhere, waiting to be put to better use.



If you have a question about an item you are selling, you can always call us at 1-646-828-9003. We’d be happy to help you out!


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Our Location

NYC Jewelry Buyers
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We love our customers, just as much as they love us!

This was the first time visiting a gold exchange office and I’m so glad it was at NYC Jewelry Buyers! The staff at the New York City office were fantastic! Arthur was so kind and professional, and made me feel at ease. He patiently explained how the process worked — and everything is done in front of you (weighing, calculating, etc.). I will absolutely refer customers to their location. Thanks so much, Teresa

Teresa Giova

Newark, New Jersey

I first just want to tell everyone reading this that you need to look no further for a honest establishment to sell your gold to. In addition to receiving such a high payout for the amount of gold I brought in; The customer service I received from Joshua went above and beyond my expectations. I can honestly say from previous experience that NYC Jewelry Buyers is the place one should go if an honest fair exchange is what your seeking… and the customer service that their staff offers is just a BONUS!!! Thank you again Joshua, my mother Joy and I will definitely recommend you!

Victor Hernandez

Queens, NY

My husband & I had decided to sell some old gold jewelry that was laying around. I looked online at several places and we decided on going here. We were walked through the quick process, these guys know their stuff! We were greatly surprised with how much we got! Will recommend to all our friends.

Doris Salano

Brooklyn, NY

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