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Frequently Asked Questions

What’s all the hype of the high price of gold?

Gold for the last 5 years has only been going up in value. There isn’t a lot of gold left in the world, and most people hold on to it which raises its value. If your looking to sell your gold, now is the best time.

A lot of places, including some jewelers, boast claims of Highest Prices Paid….

The signs are everywhere, cash for gold, top dollar paid, we pay more, no one pays more!! The best way to filter out the “claims” from the serious buyers is to read reviews from previous customers who sold their precious jewelry. NYC Jewelry Buyers prides itself for having the highest price guarantee. We pay more than any pawn shop, jewelry store, or corner store simply because we are direct refiners of all gold, silver, and platinum. We cut out the middleman and pay more cash than any store or pawnshop. There’s not many establishments who can actually deliver, we can.

I have a bunch of old stuff. How do I know what’s gold and what’s not?

Gold is hard to figure out, you need experience and a trained eye to spot whats real and whats false. Our licensed staff uses state of the art machines to tell you exactly what karat gold you have, and whats not gold will be returned to you. We simplify the process and walk you through the whole transaction.

Does it matter whether it’s white gold, or yellow gold? Is the price different?

Gold is gold, it doesn’t matter if its a different color, what maters is the purity of gold. We test the purity of gold free of charge in front of you.

What about silver and platinum? Do you buy them as well?

Yes, we buy all silver, platinum, gold, coins, watches, and more, just ask!

When I go to NYC Jewelry Buyers, do I get paid money on the spot?

Yes you do, if you feel that you are not ready to sell we will give you a free verbal appraisal.